FAQ for Attendees

What you can do with SanLet’s

What can I do with SanLet’s?

On this site, you can watch live and archived videos of the wedding ceremony. During the live-stream viewing, you can sent a sticker to add excitement, which will remain on the archived video that will be saved for three days after the ceremony.

In addition, at any time until the end of the archive period, you can send a message to the bride and groom to make the anniversary tree bloom, or express your congratulations to them by sending a congratulatory gift online. We will transfer your congratulatory gifts to the bride and groom.

About viewing the video

When watching the live streaming, will the online attendee’s video be shown?

This service is not an interactive communication type service. The online participants will not be shown on the screen. Online attendees can participate by sending messages and stickers.

What areas are available for viewing?

Participation sites can be accessed from anywhere in the world, but the live streaming service Vimeo is used for the image portion of the video, which may not be viewable in some countries and regions.

Countries/regions where viewing is likely to be unavailable: China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Iran, Syria, etc

What is the recommended browser environment for viewing?

We recommend using the following browsers to view the wedding video.

Chrome 30+ (with automatic updates), Firefox 27+ (with automatic updates), Microsoft Edge, Safari 9+
The site may not be displayed correctly in Internet Explorer. We recommend using a different browser.

Android version (Lollipop) 5.0+, iOS version 9.3.5+.
*Please note that playback issues may occur on iOS 11.0-11.3 due to a past bug that occurred when iOS 11 was released. if you are using iOS 11, please make sure your device is running on iOS 11.3.1 or later.

Responses to the invitation

I entered a wrong e-mail address and sent it as is. What should I do?

The URL for viewing will be sent to the e-mail address you entered, and if the e-mail address is incorrect, you will not be able to view the video. Please re-enter your name, address, and correct e-mail address from the invitation you received and send it to us.

I assumed I would attend in reply to the invitation, but due to circumstances, I would like to change my attendance to a recorded viewing. What should I do?

If you change your mind from attending to watching the recording, or vice versa, you do not need to contact us. You can watch the video at any time until 23:59(JST), 3 days after the wedding, using the URL that will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

Congratulatory gift

Do I have to pay the congratulatory gift?

Payment of the congratulatory gift is optional. If you wish to send only a message, please select 0 yen in the congratulatory gift amount input box.

Will other online attendees know the amount of the wedding gift?

No. The amount will be communicated only to the bride and groom and will not be known to other online attendees.

Is the size of the flowers on the Anniversary Tree related to the amount of the wedding gift?

The size and color of the flowers displayed on the anniversary tree are random, regardless of the amount of the gift.

Are there any fees charged for sending congratulatory gifts?

There are no fees incurred when sending your congratulatory gift.

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can transfer?

The amount that can be paid through this site is between 1,000 yen and 100,000 yen per online attendee.

Once I have sent the congratulatory money, can I send additional money again later?

No. Only one remittance per person is allowed, and no additional remittances can be made.

I sent the wrong amount for my congratulatory gift. Can I change the amount?

We are sorry, but we are unable to make any changes or refunds for any reason to the congratulatory gift paid by the online attendees. If a refund is necessary due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact the bride and groom directly.

Changing settings

Can I change the name displayed on the screen?

You can change your name to a nickname or upload a photo of yourself by clicking on the gear-shaped setting button in the upper right corner of the screen after logging in.

Is it possible to turn off the sticker that flies over the image?

Tap (or hover the cursor over the image on a computer) to display a smiley face ☺. By clicking on the smiley face, you can choose whether or not to display the sticker.

About display problems

The image has frozen. Is there a workaround?

The video may freeze depending on the communication environment or other factors. In this case, please refresh or reload the page after a while.

I cannot hear sound.

Please check the settings on the device you are viewing the video on, such as a computer or smartphone. Also, please check the settings on the screen of the video by lightly tapping the screen (on a PC, place the cursor on the screen), and you will see a symbol indicating the volume level.

Video and sound are out of sync.

The sound and appearance of the video may vary depending on the device and browser you are using to view the video. To minimize the impact, please update your browser to the latest version and close all other programs running on your computer or smartphone.